Digitech Compact 5W UHF Mobile CB Radio

Brand: Digitech
Product Code: DC 1120

The Digitech UHF CB radio features 80 Channels 

Includes 8 channels for repeaters. Channel 5 is used as an emergency frequency.

Repeater operation to take advantage of extending communication range using the hundreds of repeaters around Australia

Received Signal Strength Indicator + FULL  5 WATTS OUTPUT

Compact size for under-dash mounting  140mm Wide x 140mm deep  x 40mm high (overall height including case fixing screw-heads is 45mm). When fitted in the supplied mounting bracket overall height becomes 65mm.

The volume knob protrudes a further 12mm in front of the radio and the antenna socket protrudes a further 15mm to the rear. When fitted to the mounting bracket overall height increases to 63mm.

Microphone,  power lead & mounting bracket included

Private Continuous Tone Coded & Digital Coded Squelch (CTCSS) codes for silent channel operation. You set the CTCSS to the same code as your mates, on the channel  you and your  mates will be using,  and then you will hear only them when they call you. You won’t have to put up with all the other noisy stuff.

Automatic Channel Scan to keep an ear on what’s happening

20 Memory Store to quickly reset your favourite channels

VOX  allowing for hands free operation

5 Call Tone Melodies

LCD & Key backlight functions

12 Month Australian Warranty

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