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Radar Detectors

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Fastest response ever Longer range Remarkable accuracy with DSP technology Automatically eliminates false alerts Australian fixed speed camera and red light camera database The all new, GPS enabled, Passport Max from Escort. Using Digital Signal Processing (DPS), resulting in quicker response..
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NEW Updated Hardware - Now Detects Gatso CD, MultaRadar CD & MultaRadar T - UNDETECTABLE With new hardware upgrades, the Redline is now the only portable detector on the market that detects all new frequency shifting radar speed cameras  - Gatso CD (used in Queensland), MultaRadar CD ..
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Pro- 78GXi GPS radar detectors: Here is information, pictures, on the All New Whistler Pro-78GXi radar detector now with internal GPS. The Whistler Pro-78GXi Radar Detector with Internal GPS is the latest and best radar detector from Whistler USA. The Whistler Pro-78GXi is designed to detect all the..
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For those that need great detection, a host of user-friendly features and where possible RDD detection is not an issue. The BEL Pro RX65A stunned the critics at the latest Detector Shootout and was voted the best detector for range, filtering and overall performance. It has been voted the best de..
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Best Radar Detector we have ever seen! Best warning on all fixed, red light, radar and laser speed cameras. GPS equipped, selectable bands virtually eliminates all false alerts. The 9500ixi is programmed and pre-loaded for AU/NZ conditions using the AU/NZ GPS database of fixed and red light ..
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