1 Wire G Hook Headset with Inline PTT / Microphone suit Motorola Models

Brand: PCA
Product Code: CRS-1WGH
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* Motorola Radio Model:

The new single wire G Hook earpiece is a non intrusive and extremely comfortable earpiece. It is a combination of the large earhook
and d-hook earpiece. It sits on the outer of your ear, and there are no messy foam covers.

The G-hook is immensely comfortable for those of who are vision impaired or wear glasses.

Suitable for all industry types but a particular favourite with hotel personnel, restaurant staff, event co-ordinators, security.

FEATURING A REPLACEABLE EARPIECE. A hygenic cost saving solution for staff sharing radios and accessories. The earpiece can be replaced or interchanged with the following earpieces: Earbud, Earhook, Earhook Large, D Hook, G Hook, Short Airtube, Long Airtube, Long Dual Airtube, Long Moulded Airtube or Mini Speaker.

  • Flexible - No hinges to break. Soft, malleable rubber.
  • Comfort - More comfortable than the Earhook Large (Particularly for those of us who wear glasses.
  • Hygiene - No foam cover and can be easily swabbed/cleaned between users.
  • Swivels for use on either your left or right ear.

1 year warranty.

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