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2 Wire G Hook Headset with Inline PTT / Microphone

2 Wire G Hook Headset with Inline PTT / Microphone
2 Wire G Hook Headset with Inline PTT / Microphone
  • Brand: CRS
  • Product Code: CRS-2WGHL
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2 Wire Earhook Large Earpiece with inline PTT/Microphone

The two wire earhook large earpiece is a modified D-Hook.  We have had numerous requests for the comfortable 20 cent size non intrusive earpiece on an earhook - now you have it.  It incorporates the best of each product - but you will have to be the judge. The generous cable and separation of the inline PTT/Microphone from the earhook large earpiece allows more flexibility on how the product can be worn e.g. inside the front or back of a shirt etc 

Suitable for all industry types but a particular favourite with security, police, hotel personnel, event co-ordinators ......


NOW FEATURING A REPLACEABLE EARPIECE. A hygenic cost saving solution for staff sharing radios and accessories. The earpiece can be replaced or interchanged with the following earpieces: Earbud, Earhook, Earhook Larger, DHook, GHook, Short Airtube, Long Airtube, Long Dual Airtube, Long Moulded Airtube or Mini Speaker.

The soft and skin-friendly earhook material provides extreme comfort for longterm wear.  The user is provided an element of protection in the event of a scuffle with the flexible soft earhook (no hard plastic breaking or pushing into the side of the head). 

Extremely hygienic.

Comfortable foam cover that is easily replaced.

Pivot design allows for wear in the left or right ear.

Super flexible PU cable reinforced with Kevlar for maximum durability.

Electret Condenser Microphone provides superior audio quality.

Positive action PTT for reliable transmission.

1 year warranty.


MOTOROLA – M1, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M12, MT1B, HR
KENWOOD – K1, K2, K4
ICOM – S1, S2, S3, S3W, S4, S6
SIMOCO – SC1, M5, M6
HYT – H1S, M1, M5
VERTEX – S1, Y3, Y6

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