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Magnetic Antenna Base Mount

Magnetic Antenna Base Mount
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Magnetic Antenna Base Mount
  • Brand: Axis
  • Product Code: Saber SAMBUL
  • Shipping Cost: $8.00
  • SKU: Saber SAMBUL

Magnetic Antenna Base Mount 

Magnetic antenna mount complete with coaxial cable and PL259 connector. Magnetic mount grips the car at up to speeds of 100kmh+ tested with a 1.5mtr whip antenna

Features a standard 5/16 stud mount.
Antiscratch protection is fitted so it will not scratch the panel work on your vehicle.
Supplied with 3.6m of RG58 coaxial cable 
Fitted with an FME connector + PL259 UHF Adaptor.

12 Month Warranty

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