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Eartec Ultralite HD HUB Mini Base

Eartec Ultralite HD HUB Mini Base
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Eartec Ultralite HD HUB Mini Base
  • Brand: Sena
  • Product Code: HUB HD
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Expand the capacity of UltraLITE wireless headsets with the Eartec HUB Mini Base for 1 Plug-In & up to 8 Wireless UltraLITE Headsets from Eartec. This transceiver can be used when on-the-go as it comes equipped with a rechargeable Lithium battery (or it can be plugged-in using the included AC adapter) and a multi-port charger that charges the HUB battery, as well as UltraLITE headset batteries in individual bays.

Regardless of how you power it, the HUB offers 1/4-mile range along with two channels of communication as well as DECT technology making it easy to stay connected across the job site.


Clips to Waist
Provides total mobility and increases system capacity to seven

DECT Technology
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology

Dual Power Option
Choose between a rechargeable lithium battery or AC wall plug, both included

LiPo Batteries
Take advantage of 6-hour operation

No FCC Licencing
Ready-to-go right out of the box

Please note: This will be the HD version of the headsets, which are not compatible with the older Classic version. 


StandardDECT 6.0
Frequency1800 to 1990 MHz
Connector2.5 / 3.5 mm plug-in
Channel Bandwidth1.728 GHz
Modulation TypeGFSK
Transmission Speed1.152 Mbps (baud rate)
Duplex ModeTime Division Duplex (TDD)
EncodingSpeech Encoding
ADPCM / 32 bit/s
RFRF Accessing
Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
Range400 m in open space
Power SupplyHeadset Power Supply
Rechargeable lithium 3.7 V / 800 mAh, 3.0 Wh
Charger Power Supply
AC / Adapter: Input 100 to 240 VAC
Charge Time3 hours
Operation Time4 hours
Storage Temperature-10 to 60°C
Dimensions13.97 x 3.81 x 9.53 cm
Weight113.4 g

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