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GME XRS370C UHF CB Radio + AE4705B + AW4704B Antenna Pack

GME XRS370C UHF CB Radio + AE4705B + AW4704B Antenna Pack
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GME XRS370C UHF CB Radio + AE4705B + AW4704B Antenna Pack
  • Brand: GME
  • Product Code: XRS370C PLATINUM

GME XRS370C UHF CB + AE4705B 6.5dbi  + AW4704B 2.1dbi Whip Antenna

The GME XRS370C4P XRS Connect 4WD Pack pairs the top-of-the-line GME XRS-370C Compact UHF CB Radio, with the Heavy Duty AE4704B radome antenna, the perfect solution for those users looking for the ultimate communications setup for their hardcore 4WD. This is the latest addition to the revolutionary range of XRS370 radios, designed to be smart, adaptable, and rugged.

XRS370C4p is combined with a market-leading Speaker Microphone featuring a bright, anti-glare OLED display and powerful 2-watt front-facing speaker, the XRS-370C radio offers outstanding performance in the toughest conditions.

Enabled by Bluetooth® Smart technology, the XRS Connect range are a new generation of connected UHF CB radios with unique features exclusive to GME; including the XRS Connect smartphone app, and the recently released, game-changing XRS Connect Location Services 

Enabled by Bluetooth® Smart technology, XRS370 is the first of a new generation of connected UHF radios with unique features never before seen.

It is the first ever UHF CB radio with app control and introduces new features such as creating and sharing scan lists and instant access to the entire Australian and New Zealand registered analogue frequency database. 

Much like a smart device, the XRS family is software upgradable via the app, keeping customers up to date with the latest features and technology.

The new XRS370 Connect professional grade speaker microphone features a powerful 2-watt speaker, customisable buttons, and a high contrast OLED screen guaranteeing crystal clear, anti-glare display.

Genuine GME XRS370 5 year warranty, plus download and register the new XRS Connect App and receive one-year additional warranty. Visit Google Play or the App Store and search 'XRS Connect' 


Product Details

  • Bluetooth Smart Connectivity - BT Classic 2.1 and BT Low Energy 4.0
  • End user software upgradeable via the app
  • Download the XRS Connect App on Google Play or the App Store
  • App compatible with iOS9.0, Android 5.0 and above
  • Windows app compatible with 7.0 and above available January 2017
  • Easy to configure and customise radio via the app
  • Create and share personalised scan lists - up to 400 frequencies
  • Instant access to over 20,000 receive frequencies
  • XRS Connect speaker microphone with OLED display
  • Customisable buttons
  • 25% faster scan speed at 50 channels per second

Whats included?


  • Compact UHF CB Radio (XRS-370C)
  • Professional-Grade Speaker Microphone (MC664B)
  • Heavy Duty UHF CB Radome Antenna (AE4704B)
  • Heavy Duty UHF CB Radome Whip (AW4705B4P)
  • 12V DC power Lead
  • Mic Extension Lead (LE040)
  • Mic Extension Adaptor Kit (AD008)
  • Quick Start Guide

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