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Uniden UH220-2 2 Watt UHF Handheld Adventure 2-Way Radio Pack

Uniden UH220-2 2 Watt UHF Handheld Adventure 2-Way Radio Pack
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Uniden UH220-2 2 Watt UHF Handheld Adventure 2-Way Radio Pack
  • Brand: Uniden
  • Product Code: UH220-2
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Introducing the latest in UHF Adventure 2-Way Radios from the world leaders in wireless communication. The UH200-2 is in a new mini compact design and a must for those who need to remain connected.
Uniden’s new UH200-2 radio series is a must-have for users wanting to stay in touch while exploring the great
outdoors. When hiking or camping in remote areas without mobile reception, the UH200-2 radios are a reliable way of
communicating with family and friends.
Built for Australia’s rugged conditions, the UH200 series offer high-grade performance in a lightweight, compact design delivering 2-watt power for extended range. The UH200 series can communicate up to a 13km range allowing users to stay connected on their next adventure even in the most remote locations without mobile reception. The radio includes a PTT Transmission Multi Light Status for Receiving Signals, Battery Charging Level and Transmission.

The UH200-2 provides adventurers with clear, uninterrupted radio transmission from 80 UHF channels. Users can enjoy up to 20 hours of talk time before recharging via the convenient and cost-saving micro-USB port using the included rechargeable batteries.


Other features include a Vibration Alert, Scrambler Option, and CTCSS / DSC (Privacy Mode) which blocks out unwanted background noises for crystal clear messages. The UH200-2 comes with an Earpiece Mic for hands-free communication as well.


  • 80 UHF Channels*
  • 2W Maximum TX Output Power
  • Mini Compact Size
  • Voice Prompts (Battery Level, Channel Number etc)
  • CTCSS / DCS Privacy Codes
  • Simplified Operation
  • Compander Option
  • Scrambler Option
  • Vibration Option
  • Accessory Jack
  • VOX  Function
  • Battery: Li-ion 3.7V, 1000mAh, 4.44 Wh
  • Antenna Impedance: 50ohm
  • Speaker Output Power: 0.4W
  • Operating Temperature: -10 °C to +60°C
  • Weight: 80g
  • Dimension: H: 95mm X W: 43mm X D: 26mm



  • 2 X UH200 UHF Radios
  • 2 X Li-ion Batteries
  • 2 X Earpiece Mic
  • 1 X Twin USB AC Adaptor
  • 2 X USB Cables For Charging
  • 2 X Belt Clips
  • 2 X Lanyards

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