Eartec UltraLITE 4-Person Single Sided Headset System

Brand: Sena
Product Code: UL4S
Shipping Cost: $22.00

Eartec ultraLite single sided headset.
Supplied with Lithium battery with 6 hour operation when fully charged.
Battery charger supplied as separate item - see listings).
Remote Headset (for use with hub or with a master headset).

Up to 3 Remote headsets can be used with a Master headset.
Up to 7 Remote Headsets can be used with a Mini-Hub.

Left or Right ear worn.  The mic boom arm can be swivelled through 270 degree.
When the mic boom arm is set to pointing vertically upwards in alignment with the headband the mic will switch off.

Weight approx. 115g.

No Base, No Beltpack and No Cable.
The DECT transceiver is built into the headset.
Up to 4 headsets can communicate full duplex 

6 Hour battery Life Lithium ION.
3 Hour Charge time
Battery can be removed from headset and changed in the field.
Manufacturer's maximum quoted Range up to 400 yards / 365m however each venue or location will differ. 
Rule of thumb if you can see the location where the Com-Center is located the system is likely to work.
Obstacles such as crowd of 1000 people that wasn't there in the rehearsal or Steel/concrete or indistrial racking will permutation of the signal.

Good placement of the Com-Center will affect overall performance of the system.

DECT 1.8GHZ to 1.9GHZ
Licence Free

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