External Waterproof / Magnetic GPS Antenna

Product Code: CRS-GPSV
Shipping Cost: $7.50

We have had a number of enquiries recently for our 2way radio GPS Antenna/Receiver which has had a significant price reduction.

The Vehicle GPS Antenna/Receiver is water proof and has a magnet so it can be placed on the top of the roof of the vehicle or placed on the dash of a vehicle (secure with double sided tape) as required. 


  1. Designed to plug straight into the back of the Kenwood NX-800 radio.
  2. Can be used with other brand radios for various applications.
  3. In line connector for ease of installation.
  4. 13.8VDC – 5VDC regulator built into DB25 connector.
  5. Status input wire included for features such as ignition sense.
  6. Blue indicator light flashes every 5 seconds when GPS has acquired satellites. 
  7. Retains memory for fast acquisition when powered up.
  8. Sensitive receiver acquires satellites quickly. 


Dimensions                             :           36mm x 42mm x 5mm




Channels                                 :           20 channels L1 frequency C/A code


Sensitivity Acquisition             :           142 dBm        

Sensitivity Tracking                :           159 dBm


Baud Rate                               :           4800


Position Accuracy                   :           < 2.5m (Autonomous)

                                                :           < 2.0m (WAAS)

                                                :           (50% 24hr static, 130dBm)


Cold Start                    :           42 sec

TTFF   Warm Start                 :           35 sec

Hot Start                      :           1 sec


Power Consumption               :           45mA, continuous tracking mode (USB)

(tracking average)


Temperature                           :           -40 - 85°C


Max Altitude                            :           <18.000m


Max Velocity                           :           <1.852 km/hr

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