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GME XRS330C UHF 5W Bluetooth UHF CB + RFI CD963 6.5dbi Twin Antenna Kit

GME XRS330C UHF 5W Bluetooth UHF CB + RFI CD963 6.5dbi Twin Antenna Kit
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GME XRS330C UHF 5W Bluetooth UHF CB + RFI CD963 6.5dbi Twin Antenna Kit
  • Brand: GME
  • Product Code: XRS330 RFI CD963
  • SKU: XRS330 CD963

GME XRS330C UHF 5W Bluetooth UHF CB + RFI CD963 6.5dbi Twin Antenna Kit

Get Connected, Get XRS330 - Bluetooth enabled UHF CB radio

The XRS family is a new Australian Made radio platform designed to be smart, adaptable and rugged. 

Enabled by Bluetooth® Smart technology, XRSTM is the first of a new generation of connected UHF radios with unique features never before seen.

It is the first ever UHF CB radio with app control and introduces new features such as creating and sharing scan lists and instant access to the entire Australian and New Zealand registered analogue frequency database. 

Much like a smart device, the XRS family are software upgradable via the app, keeping customers up to date with the latest features and technology.

The new XRS Connect professional grade speaker microphone features a powerful 2 watt speaker, customisable buttons and a high contrast OLED screen guaranteeing crystal clear, anti-glare display.

Genuine GME 5 year warranty, plus download and register the new XRS Connect App and receive one year additional warranty. Visit Google Play or the App Store and search 'XRS Connect'


  • XRS-330C UHF CB radio with Bluetooth Smart Connectivity

  • XRS Connect speaker microphone

  • Microphone clip and radio mounting bracket

  • DC power Lead

  • Screw pack

  • LE040 Mic extension lead

  • AD008 Mic extension adaptor kit

  • Quick start guide

  • RFI CD963 Twin


Product details

  • Bluetooth Smart Connectivity - BT Classic 2.1 and BT Low Energy 4.0

  • End user software upgradeable via the app

  • Download the XRS Connect App on Google Play or the App Store

  • App compatible with iOS9.0, Android 5.0 and above

  • Windows app compatible with 7.0 and above available January 2017

  • Easy to configure and customise radio via the app

  • Create and share personalised scan lists - up to 400 frequencies

  • Instant access to over 20,000 receive frequencies

  • XRS Connect speaker microphone with OLED display

  • Customisable buttons

  • 25% faster scan speed at 50 channels per second

  • 5 year warranty + 1 additional year for downloading and registering app

AUSTRALIAN MADE RFI CD963-71-75-SW125 6.5dBi

RFI CD963 UHF Cb antenna is a high performance elevated feed antenna which can be used in virtually any mounting position.

RFI CD963-71-75+SW125 City/Country Pack can be mounted on a vehicle fender or bull bar and the elevated feed design places a large portion of the antenna above the vehicle cabin, providing good all round performance regardless of mounting position.

This antenna has a spring base and is suitable for city or off-road driving.

Totally ground plane independent

Elevated feed boosts radiating element above obstructions

MSW25 "Phasemaster II" whip section provides unsurpassed performance and strength

Quality construction - Choke assembly is crafted from solid brass 

Supplied pre-terminated with FME connector and UHF adaptor

Can be used with a variety of mounts. See accessories section for options.


Band 477 / UHF CB Radio

Tunable Bandwidth Full. No tuning required

Nominal Gain dBq 6.5

VSWR <1.6:1

Tuning Supplied pre-tuned

Power W 100W

Cable and Connector 5m Cellfoam with FME-101 terminated, UHF adapter supplied.

Mounting Threaded Stud

Whip Material Polyurethene over moulded 17-7PH black chrome plated whip section on black chrome choke

Suggested Installation Bullbar

Antenna Length 900mm

These antennas are made to highest quality standards and give great all round performance.

Suitable for mounting on bull bar or bonnet.


Axis 477 Mhz UHF CB Bullbar Antenna With Barrel Spring Base - AK5R

This antenna can be used for Bull bar mounting, the AK5R is black fibreglass raydome with polished ferrule and heavy duty stainless steel barrel spring complete with 5.3m of low loss coaxial cable.

Antenna length is 720mm including the spring to it's base and 5.0 db of gain. There is a fme connector prefitted the end of the cable so you thread the cable through a 9.5mm hole.

Then screw on the uhf pl259 connector also included to the end of that which is included for simpler fit with soldering or cutting required.

Antenna Specifications

  • Black
  • High impact radome
  • Length :(whip 615mm)
  • 5dB Gain
  • 720mm height including spring
  • Ground Independent

    Supplied With
  •  heavy duty spring
  •  5.0M coax cable
  • Supplied with PL259

    12 months warranty.

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