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Uniden UM355 White VHF Marine Radio + Axis VHF MFV3 Antenna

Uniden  UM355 White VHF Marine Radio + Axis VHF MFV3 Antenna
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Uniden UM355 White VHF Marine Radio + Axis VHF MFV3 Antenna
  • Brand: Uniden
  • Product Code: UM355 MFV3
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Uniden  UM355 VHF Marine Radio + Axis VHF MFV3 Antenna

Ideal for off-shore communications, this splashproof UM355VHF is a great communication tool on the water. The splashproof radio housing is certified to meet the worldwide JIS4 water-resistance specification*. It has a rugged splashproof speaker microphone great for operating on water.

The UM355VHF allows you to boost the transmission power from 1 watt to 25 watts for maximum transmission distance. The Extra Large LCD Display and Keypad is backlit for easy viewing at night or in low-light situations. The microphone and controls are made out of nonslip rubberized material making it comfortable and secure to handle.

Designed in Japan to offer outstanding performance in virtually all conditions and situations, this off-shore radio represents the highest level of quality and performance in marine radios. Uniden’s UM355VHF is durable and ideal enough for boating, marine, fishermen, commercial use and so much more.


  • VHF Marine In-Boat Radio
  • Splashproof
  • Rugged Splashproof Microphone
  • Large LCD Display with Brightness Control
  • 1W/25W Transmitter Power Level Select
  • Variable Squelch Level Knob
  • Volume Control Knob
  • Triple Watch Mode
  • One-Touch Channel 16/67
  • Programmable Memory & Scan
  • International Channels
  • Backlit Keys and Display
  • Designed and Engineered in Japan
  • Built for Rugged Australian and New Zealand Marine Conditions


    Deck Mount
    Ground Independent
    For Fibreglass or Metal Hull
    5m Coaxial Cable/PL259 Connector Included.

Whats Included
1 X UM355VHF
1 X DC Power Cable
1 X Accessory Cable
1 X Mounting Bracket & Knobs
1 X Microphone Hanger & Screws
1 X Flash Mount Bracket
1 X MFV3 Antenna

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