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SENA SMH10 Accessories

Brand: SenaProduct Code: SMH-A0301
This kit is the same Speaker - Microphone Clamp mount with a fixed boom Microphone that is supplied with the Sena SMH10 Intercom. ideal for those with two helmets allowing you to switch the main unit from helmet to helmet in seconds. Kit Includes: 1 - Bluetooth mounting bracket with attached ste..
Brand: SenaProduct Code: SMH-A0302
Designed as an alternate clamp kit for the Sena SMH10 with standard speakers as per the original clamp kit and optional microphone attachments. Choose from a wired microphone or attachable boom ideal for flip face helmets or full face helmets with limited room. ..
Brand: SenaProduct Code: Sena ES0003001
This Sena unit is designed specifically to fit the Mag-9 Bell Helmets.   If you already own a Sena SMH10 bluetooth intercom/headset, then you need only to purchase this Helmet Clamp Kit to be able to use it with your you-beaut Bell Mag-9 Helmet.   Simple and easy to install. ..
Brand: SenaProduct Code: SMH-A0303
Helmet Clamp Kit for Earbuds is for those who like the comfort of using custom molded earplugs.  This SMH10 Clamp kit has a 3.5mm jack allowing you to plug your custom earbuds directly into it. This clamp kit has the standard boom microphone. ..
Brand: SenaProduct Code: SMH-A0305
Another great Helmet Clamp Kit option for the SMH10. The SMH-A0305 Helmet Clamp Kit offers fixed boom mic with the option of using speakers or plug in your own earbuds using the 3.5mm Jack. ..
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