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Motorola CP476 80CH UHF CB Portable Handheld

Motorola CP476 80CH UHF CB Portable Handheld
Motorola CP476 80CH UHF CB Portable Handheld
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Motorola CP476 80CH UHF CB Portable Handheld 

The Motorola CP476 is an easy-to-use radio which, when operating on the Citizen Band, does away with the need for licensing, contracts or fees.

It is ideal for any small operation wanting a simple, affordable CB radio built to the commercial quality you need. 
With 80 UHF CB channels inlcuded and 19 dealer only programmable channels 450-480MHz)

The CP476 also boasts built-in voice scrambling providing enhanced privacy and communication while improving work efficiency. 

Its durable, lightweight and compact design is comfortable to use and is ideal for retail, education and hospitality applications as well as the rugged industrial environments of construction and manufacturing.


Getting started is a breeze, simply purchase your CP476 from your nearest Motorola dealer, charge the battery and the radio is ready for use.
The Motorola CP476, a quick start communication tool that is easy on the pocket and also comes with a wide range of accessories giving you operational efficiency with Motorola renowned reliability.

Features include: Multi-channel capability—99 channels (80 CB channels included and (19 RX Only programmable channels 450-480MHZ)   to support communication amongst all of your employees. 

Built-in simple voice scrambling for increased privacy.VOX ready for hands-free communication—keeps users’hands free for the job at hand. 

Tighter specifications provide enhanced rejection of interference VOX ready for hands-free communicationso you can get your message through clearly. 

X-PAND™ audio technology provides crisp, clear and strong audio quality. 

User programmable feature allows customisation of radio profiles while on the go. 

Easy-to-handle, lightweight,compact design. 

Standard LiIon battery provides up to 11 hours (5/5/90 duty cycle) of battery life at high powerto meet the demands of your employee’s work shift. A high-capacity LiIon battery option is available for those with longer shift requirements or increased communication needs. 

High power—1 or 4 watt—adjustable power levels help extend battery life. 

5 programmable buttons—enabling easy, one-touch access to up to 10 user-selected features. Talkaround mode enabling communication even when arepeater is not being used. 

Rapid-rate drop-in charging—charge standard capacity batteries in less than 3 hours with the included drop-in charger. 

Meets demanding specifications including: U.S. Military Specifications 810 C, D, E, and F, including temperature extremes, solar radiation, rain, humidity, salt fog, dust, vibration and shock. 

IP54 rated - Ingress Protection (IP) against dust (rating 5) and water (rating 4).Motorola Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) standards for durability and reliability.

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