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RFI CD951 Chrome 6.5dbi UHF CB Antenna

RFI CD951 Chrome 6.5dbi  UHF CB Antenna
RFI CD951 Chrome 6.5dbi UHF CB Antenna
  • Brand: RFI
  • Product Code: CD951-71-75
  • SKU: CD951-71-75

The CD900 Series are high performance elevated feed mobile antennas which can be used in virtually any mounting position. When gutter or roof bar mounted, high above a vehicle, CD900 series antennas deliver a full 6.5dB gain.

When the CD951-71-75 gets mounted in other positions, such as on a vehicle fender or bull bar, the elevated feed design places a large portion of the antenna above the vehicle cabin, providing good all round performance regardless of mounting position.

Ideal for applications such as light 4WD, heavy transport, mining or industrial uses, this antenna uses a whip which will remain vertical at high vehicle speeds for optimum performance. Its ground-independent design provides a low angle of radiation and minimum 6.5dB gain for longer range.  Suitable for all Uniden, GME, Icom and Vertex UHF CB radios.

Flexible yet extremely robust
Chrome Spring & Black Whip Antenna
6.5dbi Gain
May be mounted on bullbars, gutter or fender mounts 
Elevated feed and ground independant
The whip section is wound from  stainless steel
Antenna is injection moulded with polypropylene for rigidity
Eliminating metal fatigue and whip breakages
Antenna includes a medium duty spring
4.5m of RG580 cable and connector
900mm total length inluding base and spring
12 Month Warranty
Australian Made

** Recommended for highway use and medium 4WD use.

12 Month Warranty

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