One of the main important factors of using a headset is to stay connected and having Bluetooth capability is a must during the outdoor activities. All of Sena’s headsets come standard with Bluetooth technology which allows users to wirelessly make mobile calls, listen to stereo or mp3 player music or audio instruction of GPS navigation. Users can also effortlessly hold conversations with others via the long-range Bluetooth intercom system.




One of the most technologically advanced features Sena Bluetooth offers its users is four (4)-way conference intercom system. With a distance up to 300m or a 330 yards, the system is the most reliable intercom system on the market. An additional feature that makes the Intercom function a standout is the ability to also host a conference phone patch for all intercom participants.


Universal Intercom™


Due to Sena’s expertise in the Bluetooth communication industry they have provided the new firmware to allow it to be compatible with competing Bluetooth communication systems in the market. Providing units that can pair and function with other Bluetooth devices helps to expand the users experience and reduce limitations due to technological complications. Riders can cross over between brands and products to utilize all of the devices they want and need for their rides. The Universal Intercom™ is a unique technology to the industry as it provides cross-brand interoperability to the users with a conference intercom capability. The advanced technology helps the continued establishment of Sena as the leader in the Bluetooth communication market.


Music Sharing


Riders can share music with an intercom friend using Bluetooth stereo music during a two-way intercom conversation. The music sharing feature provides the ability for two paired systems to share music to and from both intercoms with some unique control aspects provided. Switching from shared music streaming back to the intercom is simple and either user can also employ AVRCP to move the music forward or backward.


Sweat and Water Resistant


Inclement weather can come quickly and unexpectedly but users can have peace of mind knowing their headset units are weather resistant. Whether with rain or sweat Sena’s headsets will always work to with full capability and power. The sweat and water resistant feature allows users to not be limited by the seasons and to venture out into whatever weather they choose whether spring, summer, fall or winter.


Audio Sound


An important feature customer’s value is the quality of the audio sound from their headset. Sena’s full product line provides crystal clear, natural sound quality, and is integrated with an audio booster providing sufficient sound level for noisy environments. With advanced wind noise cancellation technology built into the headset users can enjoy a clear and loud level of audio with audio boosting.


Advanced Noise Control™


It is equipped with wind noise suppression and intelligent Noise Gate in the intercom to limit the interference of wind noise and background noise while riding. The new technology allows the wind noise to be automatically detected and reduced while maintaining the full volume of voice communication. With the wind noise suppression and Noise Gate technology, rides can have more clear and enjoyable intercom conversation.


Firmware Upgradeable


All Sena products are firmware upgradeable and it allows Sena’s headsets to always operate at their peak and have the most up-to-date functionality and options for rapid technological advancements in smart phone and Bluetooth devices. The firmware upgrades are available for free when available to all registered Sena customers.




Voice Prompt
Voice prompt

Safety is a key factor when out on the road and Sena has integrated voice prompts into all of their units to ensure users can maintain handsfree control. Voice prompts allow users to operate functions such as volume control, mobile phone calls and more without needing to take their free hands. Sena provide voice prompt options for multi-language, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. This is necessary to ensure safety is maintained during times of tracking or other outdoor activities.