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Crystal UHF CB Handhelds

Brand: CrystalProduct Code: DBH50R
CRYSTAL MOBILE - 5W HANDHELD UHF CB RADIO - SINGLE UNIT - RECHARGEABLE - DBH50R Crystal’s programmable, professional-grade, handheld CB radio with 80 narrowband channels. The unit comes with an aluminium die-cast chassis and an inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion battery. Can reach over 12km radius on pe..
$199.00 $164.00
Brand: CrystalProduct Code: DBH50RKT
The Crystal Mobile DBH50RKT twin  pack contains 2x DBH50R 5W handheld  UHF CB radios, ideal for  professional use and the serious off  roader. The DBH50R handheld UHF CB radios  are loaded with all the features you  would expect to find in our full  size in-car ..
$399.00 $289.00
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