Vertex Standard UHF CB

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Motorola VX-2200 80 Channel UHF CB Radio The Vertex rebranded MotorolaVX-2200CB is a simple yet powerful mobile solution for both recreational and commercial use. Based on proven and successful commercial only product, the VX-2200CB built tough for the harshest of conditions with design features..
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The VX-4600 CB is a dual-mode mobile radio, approved for both CB mode and private commercial frequencies. This dual-mode radio is feature-rich with increased signalling performance for better flexibility and improved worker safety. Multi-purpose radio The VX-4600 CB mobile radio can operate on b..
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80 UHF CB Channels Six programmable keys 8-Character alphanumeric display CTCSS / DCS Encode and Decode DTMF ANI DTMF Paging 2-tone Encode/Decode 5-tone Signaling Built-In MDC-1200® encode / decode RSSI signal strength indicator Speed dial Emergency alert BCLO / BTLO and TO..
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