Uniden MC1010 VHF Marine Radio

Brand: Uniden
Product Code: MC1010
$220.00 $176.00
The Uniden MC1010 VHF Marine Radio. This is an ultra compact VHF Marine Radio with 25 watts of power.

Featuring Dual Watch Mode and Priority Channel Startup, the MC1010 ensures effortless operation. The illuminated display is ideal for night operation.

Key Features

Ultra Compact Construction
New Durable Design Microphone
Dual Watch Mode
Priority Channel Startup
One-touch Channel 16 with Dual Watch
Memory Channel Scan
1-watt or 25-watt Transmission
Australian (International) Channels
Backlit LCD Display
External Speaker Jack

Included in the Box
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket and Screws 
  • 1 x Mic. hang up Bracket and Screws 
  • 2 x Bracket thumb screws 
  • 1 x DC Power lead 
  • User Manual

Channels: Transmit: 54, Receive: 54
Controls: On/Off, Volume, Squelch Status Indicators: TX, SCAN, , HI, LO, and MEM,on LCD Panel
Channel Display: LCD (Dual 7 segment)
Selector Switch: Channel Selector switch
Buttons: LITE, 16, MEM, H/L, and STEP
Connectors: Antenna, remote speaker, and DC power
Size: 56mm H x 163mm W x 204mm L
Weight: 2.4 lbs
Supply Voltage: 13.8V DC negative ground
Standard Accessories: Mounting bracket and hardware, DC power cord, microphone hanger, spare fuse,remote speaker plug.
Antenna Impedance: 50Ω nominal
Microphone: Rugged 1kΩ condenser mic element with coiled cord
Speaker 1.82 inch, 8Ω
Regulations: Type accepted underAS/NZS 4415:1996
Transmitter Power Output: 1 watt or 25 watt (switch selectable)
Power Requirement: Not rated on LO; 25 watts output: 4.5A@13.8V DC
Modulation: FM 5 kHz deviation Max.
Hum and Noise Signal-to-Noise: 42 dB@300 HZ, 3kHz (nominal)
Audio Distortion: Less than 3% with 3 kHz deviation with 1000 Hz modulating frequency (nominal)
Spurious Emmission: - 36dBm @ 25 Watts Max.
Output Power Stabilization: Built-in automatic level control (ALC)
Frequency Range: 156.025 to 157.425 MHz
Frequency Stability: 1.58 kHz @ 10C to +55C
Receiver Frequency Range: 156.300 to 162.025 MHz
Sensitivity: 0.28V for 20 dB SINAD
Circuit: Dual Conversion Super Heterodyne PLL
Squelch Sensitivity: 0.4V Threshold
Spurious Response: 75 dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: 73dB @ 25KHz
Audio Output Power: 2.7watts (10% Distortion)
Power Requirement: 210mA @ 13.8V DC squelched 520mA @ 13.8V DC at maximum audio output
IF Frequencies: 1st -21.4 MHz, 2nd - 455 kHz


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