ZCG Town and Country 3 & 6.5db UHF CB Antenna Package

Brand: ZCG Scalar
Product Code: ZN4-77-06-TCP

The ZN4-77-06 ground independent elevated feed mobile UHF CB antenna is a light design with black fibreglass whip which delivers excellent performance with 6.6 dBi gain. Standing 95 cm tall and suitable for all Uniden, GME, Icom and Vertex UHF CB radios, the antenna mounts simply into any bracket with minimum 12.7 mm (½") diameter hole.

It also comes with a smaller 2.1dBi whip which is ideal for use in hilly areas.

Factory tuned for 477 MHz and perfect for mounting in various positions on a vehicle or to a truck mirror, the high quality brass, delrin, chrome and stainless steel components also make this model ideal for use in harsh marine and industrial environments.

The electro-polished stainless steel beehive spring included dampens vibrations while travelling and maintains the antenna in a vertical position for the optimum receive and transmit performance at any speed.

4.5 metres of RG58 low loss stranded cable bottom exits through the beehive spring and mounting bolt and is not terminated to allow easy installation through vehicle firewalls and dashboards. It is recommended that the cable be cut to the shortest length necessary prior to fitting the UHF male solder connector supplied.

Suitable for all Uniden, GME, Icom and Vertex UHF CB radios.

  • ZCG  6.6 db Ground Independant Antenna
  • May be mounted on bullbars, gutter or fender mounts
  • 3 & 6.5db Gain Whips Supplied
  • Elevated Feed
  • Heavy Duty Spring
  • Extremely Robust
  • 4.5m Coaixal Cable and PL259 Connector
  • Measures 900mm in 6.6db mode

    In order for your phone or radio to work, the antenna has to focus your signal just where you need it - in much the same way as a flashlight.

    12 Month Warranty

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