Cel-Fi-GO  Repeater has been tested, authorised and approved by Telstra for use on the  Telstra Mobile Network 

The Cel-Fi GO for Telstra Smart Repeater is the ideal product to boost and  distribute a 3G/4G mobile signal in a caravan. Supporting voice and mobile  internet for multiple mobile devices, boosting your mobile coverage whilst on  holiday has never been easier.

Extends Mobile Phone battery life
Mobile phones use a lot more energy when in poor signal areas. The phone adjusts  its internal power to compensate in an attempt to boost the poor signal. As a  result the phone will consume a lot more battery power. Using the Cel-Fi system  your indoor mobile signal should be high and the battery will last noticeably  longer for you to talk. check Facebook and browse the internet.

Eliminate Dropped or Missed Calls
Never miss or lose an important call because of coverage issues again. The  Cel-Fi will provide continuous coverage throughout your home or office, so you  can be contacted when required. No longer do you have to put up with calls  dropping out or terminating

- Cel-Fi GO Mobile Model
- Pulse Magentic Low Shadow Base  Antenna with 3.5m cable
- Indoor Panel Antenna with 3m  cable
- 12v Cigarette Lighter DC 5m  Lead

- Designed for vehicles and  moving transport applications
- 70dB of system gain
- Includes external and internal  antennas
- Locked to Telstra's Mobile  Network
- Carrier approved
- Band Selection Button
- Bluetooth  WAVE App for iPhone, Android &  Computers 

SUPPORTED NETWORKS: Telstra, Aldi Mobile,  Boost Mobile, Woolworths Connect


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