The Midland PRO902 Explorer pack is a complete radio solution featuring a compact UHF CB/LMR capable radio and heavy-duty black 4dB radome antenna.

The compact size of the PRO902 makes it perfect for mounting in modern vehicles where space is at a premium.

With all of the controls on the handset of the device, it allows the main body to be mounted behind the dashboard or under a seat.

The Anniversary Pack gives you two antennas giving you more flexibility with your setup. The larger antenna can be used when touring and on the highway and the smaller antenna can be user around town still allowing you to get into lower-level car parks when needed.

Easy installation and incorporating the latest Digital Signal Processing technology. Combining the very latest in electronic hardware with the most up-to-date computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques to produce an extremely compact mobile radio with outstanding specifications and performance.

The PRO902, with its full feature remote microphone and controls, is designed for unobtrusive mounting in modern vehicles. Its innovative features include a built-in loudspeaker housed within an extremely compact case.

  • Output Power: 5 Watts (CB), 15 Watt (LMR)
  • CB Channels: 2 Banks: 80(CB), 19 (LMR – Dealer Programmable)
  • CB Frequency Range: 476.425 ~ 477.4125MHz
  • LMR Frequency Range: 450 ~ 520MHz
  • Channel Width: 12.5kHz (Narrowband + Wideband))
  • Power Source (Nominal): 13.8V
  • Max Absorption Current in TX: 1.3A (5W), <3.2A (15W)
  • Operation Mode: Simplex & Duplex
  • Audio Output Power: 4 Watt (Base & Microphone)
  • Digital Coded Squelch (DCS): 104
  • Interference Eliminator (CTCSS): 50
  • Duplex Capability: Yes
  • Channel Memory Scan: Yes
  • Scan/Priority Scan: Yes
  • Backlit LCD Display: Yes, 7 Colour (Selectable)
  • External Speaker Jack: Yes
  • TX/RX Indicator: Yes
  • Scanning Receive Functions: Yes
  • Key Lock: Yes
  • Key Beep On/Off: Yes
  • Auto Squelch: Yes
  • Speaker: Dual (Base & Microphone)
  • USB Charging Port: Yes
  • Typical Range: 18km Line of Sight
  • Slide-In Mounting Cradle: Yes
  • Dimensions: (excl bracket) 110H x 120W x 25D mm




  • Black Ø45mm Stainless Steel Barrel Spring
  • 477MHz Frequency
  • 5.0m Commercial Grade LMR240 Low Loss Coaxial Cable Assembly
  • Terminates to FME
  • FME/PL259 Adaptor Included