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Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP DMR800
FDP DMR800 5W UHF Digital Handheld Transceiver with analogue Sleek, compact and light-weight design, yet still MIL-SPEC tough.  Equally at home in the restaurant or on the construction site, the FDP DMR800 Handheld with analogue integration, allows transition between anal..
Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP PRO 80CH
FDP PRO 80CH UHF CB 5 Watt IP67 Rated Handheld The FDP PRO 80 Channel 5W UHF CB radio is one of the most feature-packed IP67 certified waterproof and dustproof handheld radios available for the Citizen Band Radio Service being AS/NZS Approved. Allowing up to 128 Channels co..
Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP PRO DMR64
FDP Pro DMR64 5W UHF Digital Handheld Transceiver IP67 The FDP Pro DMR64 is also capable of analogue wide/narrowband use on the Amateur ‘Ham’ Radio 70cm band, by licensed operators. Best value IP67 waterproof Approved Digital Radio available in the Australian Market – compatible with oth..
FDP SFR (Single Frequency Repeater) DMR UHF Mobile
Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP SFR
FDP SFR (Single Frequency Repeater) DMR UHF Mobile is not like a conventional Single Frequency Repeater (parrot repeater).  This SFR works a bit differently.  The FDP SFR simultaneously receives and transmits at the same time, on the same frequency.  It ..
Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP Spkr Mic
FDP HD Speaker Microphone Fits FDP Radios NOTE: Not compatible with FDP Pro model. Speaker and Microphone in one housing Has 2.5mm jack for external earpiece if required 360 degree rotating lapel clip with stainless backing plate These Speaker Mikes are louder on transmit and recei..
Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP-HG-Antenna
FDP High Gain 3dB UHF CB Handheld Antenna Increase your FDP handhelds range with this flexible Ground independent full 5/8 wave antenna. 3dB High Gain Antenna (38cm in length)   ..
FDP PRO Covert Acoustic Tube Earpiece The FDP PRO covert radio earpiece speaker microphone with push to talk PTT button has been manufactured using durable materials.  It has been designed using a detachable and replaceable acoustic transparent covert style e..
Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP Pro Leatherette Radio Case
FDP Pro Leatherette Radio Case    ..
Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP PRO Battery
FDP Pro Li-Ion 7.4v 1600mAh Battery Pack to suit the FDP Pro UHF CB handheld radio ..
Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP PRO Spkr Mic
FDP Pro Speaker Microphone The FDP PRO Heavy Duty 2-Way radio handheld speaker microphone with a push-to-talk PTT button has been manufactured using durable materials. The durable high-impact black plastic molded PTT button and water-resistant housing feature a built-i..
Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP PRO HEADSET
Suits the FDP Pro Handheld  FDP PRO Wired Earpice with Earclip & Vox switch This earpiece has a VOX switch and also an earhook/clip, and larger speaker element.  These are surprisingly comfortable and secure because the speaker is on the outer of the ear, it still allows the o..
Brand: FDPProduct Code: FDP STD Antenna
FDP Pro Standard Replacement Antenna Standard replacement antenna to fit the FDP Pro.   ..
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