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Brand: GenericProduct Code: ANT208 ADAPT
.  Car Radio Antenna Signal Amplifier Booster. .  Compatible with ALL AM+FM stations. .  12-13db Gain on Commercial FM Radio Band .  Red wire connects to power antenna lead or 12V&nb..
Brand: GenericProduct Code: COMPYAGI
Yagi Antenna Specifications 3G / 4G / 4GX Voice and Data Multi-Band Support Indoor / Outdoor IP54 Rated Gain:25dBi                           &nb..
Brand: GenericProduct Code: AR3336
These short adaptor leads will plug into your USB modem connection with 3G/4G antennas to extend the signal range. Usually, the current antennas used on your current USB modem are extremely small and provide low signal so adding one of these with a 3G/4G antenna will boost your signal greatl..
Brand: GenericProduct Code: AD98FSC
Icom AD98FSC External Antenna Adaptor with BNC connection. Requires male BNC fitting for antenna coaxial lead. Suitable for Icom IC-41PRO, IC40, IC-41s, IC41W, IC-F4003, IC-F4263D etc. ..
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