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Saber 6.5dBi Robust Elevated Feed UHF CB Antenna Kit
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Brand: SaberProduct Code: Saber 6.5dBi
Ideal for 4WD bullbar mounting. Idealy suited for road / highway and short term off road work The new Australian Saber 6.5dBi UHF CB antenna is a high quality antenna. Supplied in all black and is a medium / heavy duty fibreglass antenna especially constructed to tackle the harsh Australian envir..
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Saber HD All Black 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna
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Brand: SaberProduct Code: SABER HDB
Saber HD All Black 6.5dBi UHF CB Antenna  When a strong versatile whip and elevated feed base is required!. It combines a high quality elevated feed antenna base with the most popular fibreglass whip and a heavy duty barrel style ALL BLACK electro polished spring. The whip is made from durab..
$119.00 $85.00
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