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Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: AV1000
The Avair AV-1000 for HF, VHF, UHF & 23cm. It has identical styling with other models in the range including a large clear meter for easy readout. Built-in lamp for illumination, just requires an external 12V supply. Average or PEP at a switch of a button. One year Avair factory-backed gen..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: AV400
The Avair AV-400 is a VHF/UHF (140MHz - 525MHz) VSWR / PWR Meter. The AVAIR AV400 power and SWR meter are suitable for testing your vehicle or marine-mounted antennas to check or tune the performance of your antenna once installed. The AV400 is suitable for both VHF and UHF tuning with a range..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: ZM21-AMFM
Marine AM/FM receive deck mount antenna - solderless radio connector, receive only - 2.1m   The ZM21-AMFM marine AMF/FM radio recieve antenna is suitable for mounting to your vessel to improve AM/FM radio while at sea.   NOTE: REQUIRES MM1 RATHET BASE (NOT INCLUDED)   FR..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: MM-1
ZCG MM1 Deck 2-way fold down ratchet mount, toughened white plastic - 1" x 14 UNS thread PRODUCT CODE: MM1 The MM1 2-way fold down deck mount is suitable for all ZCG ZM marine range antennas. To mount the MM1 base use the 4 x 8mm holes located on the base of the mount. The dual fold ..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: SG1100-BLKR
The SG1100-B AM/FM radio receive antenna is perfect for mounting to a vehicle bull bar or fixed location. The SG1100-B AMFM radio receive antenna is deisgned and manufactured as a robust AM and FM radio rantenna for travelling on and off road. The SG1100-B comes fitted with A barrel ..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: ZN3-AM/FM-10B
The ZCG ZN3-AM/FM Black radio receive antenna is specifically designed for mounting to the bull bar of a truck, 4WD off-road vehicle or ute. Designed and manufactured in Australia by ZCG Scalar, the high-quality design is built to last and will deliver the maximum reception range available i..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: ZN3-77-10B
This all new antenna is built to survive harsh Australian condition. Designed for bullbar mounting on 4WD's and smaller vehicles and is suited to both hilly and flat ground.  Key features include : 6.6 dBi Gain The top whip is detachable for storage when not required. A precis..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: AB-BFB-118
Ground independent Airband whip antenna, 118- 137 MHz, field tune 3% bandwidth, N-type female, 100W, 2.1 dBi - 1.1m   SPECIFICATIONS FREQUENCY 118-137 MHz - VHF Air Band BANDWIDTH Field tune to any 3% when once installed using a SWR meter GAIN 2.1 dBi TUNING Field ..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: ZIR-1626-RC
The ZIR-1626-RC satellite communications antenna is specifcally designed and manufactured for satellite phone communication applications within the 1616-1626MHz frequency range. For other variances of frequency for other satellite communications bands,    5dBi Gain Fitted with TNC..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: MD2400-B
Suitable for wireless data transfer or WiFi improvement using the ISM2.4 2.4-2.5 GHz range The MD2400-B stud mount collinear is suitable for both interior or exterior use. ZCG recommend mounting the MD2400-B as high on your structure or building as possible using a minimum 12.7mm hole or mount..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: DLD2400
The DLD2400 is a stud mount ISM2.4 wireless data dipole specifically designed for 2.4GHz.   SPECIFICATIONS FREQUENCY ISM2.4 / WiFi: 2.4-2.5GHz BANDWIDTH Full frequency range stated GAIN 2.1dBi TUNING Factory at <1.5:1 VSWR IMPEDANCE 50 Ohms H PLANE BEAM..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: B18
Omnidirectional VHF Air Band scaled coaxial dipole, white, 118-137 MHz, specify 3%, 100W, 0 dBd - 2.1m PRODUCT CODE: B18 The B18 omni-directional coaxial dipoles is an effective and economical Air band fixed position antenna, suitable for communications between aircraft and air traffic control..
ZCG SGLWB-BLKR multiband 4G LTE 4G 3G antenna
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: SGLWB-BLKR
For all available networks 4G LTE, all networks dualband 4G/3G combined the SGLWB-BLKR 4G LTE antenna is your ideal choice for mobile phone improvement and wireless data transmissions whilst on a vehicle or as a telemetry solution in a fixed location installation. The SGLWB-BLKR cellular antenna ..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: ZN4-77-06-TCP
The ZN4-77-06 ground independent elevated feed mobile UHF CB antenna is a light design with black fibreglass whip which delivers excellent performance with 6.6 dBi gain. Standing 95 cm tall and suitable for all Uniden, GME, Icom and Vertex UHF CB radios, the antenna mounts simply into any bracket wi..
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