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ZCG Scalar SGLDB 6.2dBi Mobile Phone Bullbar Antenna

ZCG Scalar SGLDB 6.2dBi Mobile Phone Bullbar Antenna
ZCG Scalar SGLDB 6.2dBi Mobile Phone Bullbar Antenna
  • Brand: ZCG Scalar
  • Product Code: SGLDB BLKR
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All-black light to medium-duty dualband 4G/3G mobile phone parallel spring antenna, 30W, FME female, 5m cable, 6.2 & 3dBi - 750mm


The SGLDB-BLKR is the lightweight 4G and 3G mobile phone antenna. The SGLDB-BLKR comes standard with a 5.0 metre cable with a FME Female fitted it is also matching in peformance with the SGDB series of antennas with gain performance of 6.2dBi at 825-960MHz and 3dBi at 1710-2190MHz and a maximum power handling of 30 Watts. Suitable for mounting with any minimum 16mm hole or bracket with appropriate 16mm hole.

ll black Super gain Telstra, Optus & Vodafone 4G, 3G & GSM mobile phone antenna, black - 825-960 & 1710-2190MHz, 5m cable, FME Female, 30W, 6.2 and 3dBi - 900mm with black spring

The NEW SGLDB-BLKR series of super gain with the stylish all black, light weight mobile phone antennas. The SGLDB-BLKR performance combined with our robust
tried and tested ZCG quality construction.

The SGLDB Series are identical in appearance to the SGL477 Series and SGL1100 Series.

Vehicle Mount
Telstra, Optus & Vodafone 4G, 3G and GSM
Lightweight Mobile Phone/Wireless Data Improvement
Updated 7th April 2017

Colour All Black with Black Spring
Construction Black fi breglass radome, aluminium mount ferrule, parallel
spring and coaxial cable assembly
Frequency Range Telstra, Optus & Vodafone 4G, 3G and GSM
825-960MHz & 1710-2190MHz
Bandwidth Full band
VSWR <1.6:1 across full band
Tuning Factory
Gain 6.2 dBi (825-960MHz) and 3 dBi (1710-2190MHz)
Maximum Power 30 Watts
Impedance 50 Ohms
Polarisation Vertical
H Plane 360° omnidirectional
Cable 5 metres RG58 low loss (bottom exit from spring base)
Connector (fifi tted) FME female
Height 750mm
Weight 650grams
Mounting Accessories
(order seperate)
Truck Mirror: MRM-SS
Bracket Mounting: GM1, GM2, GM4, GM6
Mounting Position
As high on your vehicle/structure as possible using a minimum
16mm hole or appropriate bracket with a 16mm hole

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