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AM FM Antennas

Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: ZM21-AMFM
Marine AM/FM receive deck mount antenna - solderless radio connector, receive only - 2.1m   The ZM21-AMFM marine AMF/FM radio recieve antenna is suitable for mounting to your vessel to improve AM/FM radio while at sea.   NOTE: REQUIRES MM1 RATHET BASE (NOT INCLUDED)   FR..
Brand: ZCG ScalarProduct Code: MM-1
ZCG MM1 Deck 2-way fold down ratchet mount, toughened white plastic - 1" x 14 UNS thread PRODUCT CODE: MM1 The MM1 2-way fold down deck mount is suitable for all ZCG ZM marine range antennas. To mount the MM1 base use the 4 x 8mm holes located on the base of the mount. The dual fold ..
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