Scanner Antennas

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1100mm Long multi band antenna designed epecially for radios canners and listening to Police band, Airband, Ambulance & Fire brigade The BANDSPANNER SCATX is a specially designed antenna for predominatly scanning certain frequencies ie: 468MHz, 121MHz, 73MHz & 40MHz which represent the m..
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A long hand held scanner antenna for maximum performance around 73MHz, 120MHz & 468MHz. Suitable for receiving important scanner frequencies such as Airband, Fire & Police etc The Scanducky antenna is a replacement antenna and is not guarenteed to work better than the antenna supplied wit..
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Icom Australia Superwideband Discone antenna 100-3300Mhz The Icom AH8000 is a multi-purpose discone antenna that receives 100Mhz to 3300 MHz! It can also be used for transmit on 144, 430, 1200 and 2400 MHz ham bands (under 200 watts). The discone design offers the best performance possible..
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