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Icom BC214  IC41PRO 6 Pocket Multibank Charger
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Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: BC214
Icom BC214  IC41PRO 6 Pocket Multibank ChargerBC214 6-bay charging adaptor to fit IC-41PRO, IC-F2000 and IC-F1000.Includes 6 x AD130 charging pockets and 1 x BC157S AC power adaptor.Charge 6 radios simultaneously Charge battery packs by themselves or attached to the radios Co..
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Icom IC41S IC41W 6 Pocket Multibank Charger
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Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: BC121N
Icom BC-121N 6 Way multibank chargerCharger can charge up to six Icom IC41S/IC41W radios at one time.This configuration includes the AC power supply and the AD106 charging pocketThis gang charger works with a variety of Icom handheld units and this charger is configured for the Ic..
$799.00 $719.00
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