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Coaxial Leads & Cable

Brand: AxisProduct Code: RG213 Kit A10C
GME 10M Rg213/U Coaxial Base Station Lead (LE503) Fitted with 1 x PL259 + 1 x N Type Connector Suits GME AE4106 Antenna and other antennas fitted with an N Type Connection ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: ABL005
This base and lead assembly is suitable for the AE409L fold down style UHF antenna.   ..
Brand: Mobile OneProduct Code: CBL15WES
SO239 Ground Independent Coaxial Cable Assembly. Supplied with 4.5m RG58 Cable and Pl259 UHF Male Connector   ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: ABL004
Aerial Base and lead to suit AE4700 Series of GME antenna.   ..
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