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Earpieces & Surveilance Kits

Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: HM153LA
ICOM HM-153LA EARPIECE PTT SPEAKER MIC SUIT  IC-41PRO   ICOM PTT EARPIECE SPEAKER MICROPHONE SUITS ICOM RADIOS IC-41PRO COMES WITH BUILT-IN CLIP ON   Speaker microphone, straight entry, ear-piece style with detachable earpiece ..
Icom HM166LA Lightweight Earpiece Speaker suit IC-41PRO
Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: HM166LA
ICOM AUSTRALIAN UHF RADIO DEALER HM-166LA Earphone microphone FOR IC41PRO Light-weight type earphone microphone for use with various Icom two way radios.   NOTE: THERE MIGHT BE DELAYS ON ICOM ACCESSORIES DUE TO HIGH DEMAND ORDERS MAY TAKE UPTO A WEEK BEFORE IT IS SENT OUT ..
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