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Icom Headsets

1 Wire Acoustic Airtube Headset with Inline PTT/Microphone suit Icom IC41W IC41S IC41PRO
Brand: CRSProduct Code: CRS-1WLAT-S3W
The single wire short acoustic airtube earpiece has been designed to be discrete, lightweight and comfortable.  The covert design of the speaker transducer gives exceptional audio quality. The heavy duty PTT design coupled with the sensitive Electret condenser microphone makes this a perfect..
Brand: CRSProduct Code: CRS-1WDH
The single wire D Hook earpiece is a non intrusive and extremely comfortable earpiece. Suitable for all industry types but a particular favourite with hotel personnel, restaurant staff, event co-ordinators, security NOW FEATURING A REPLACEABLE EARPIECE. A hygenic cost saving solution for staff..
Brand: CRSProduct Code: CRS-1WGH
The new single wire G Hook earpiece is a non intrusive and extremely comfortable earpiece. It is a combination of the large earhook and d-hook earpiece. It sits on the outer of your ear, and there are no messy foam covers. The G-hook is immensely comfortable for those of who are vision impaired ..
Brand: CRSProduct Code: CRS-2WGHL
2 Wire Earhook Large Earpiece with inline PTT/Microphone CRS-2WEHL The two wire earhook large earpiece is a modified D-Hook.  We have had numerous requests for the comfortable 20 cent size non intrusive earpiece on an earhook - now you have it.  It ..
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