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Icom Antennas

VHF Antenna for ICOM Radio IC-F1000 F16 F33G
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Product Code: FASC-55
Compatible for Icom Radio Models: 146-174 MHzIC-F1000 IC-F1000S IC-F1000TIC-F11/F11S IC-F12 / IC-F12S IC-F14 / IC-F14S IC-F15/F15S IC-F3002 IC-F3202DEX / IC-F4202DEXIC-F1100DIC-F3, IC-F11, IC-F14, IC-F15, IC-F16, IC-F30, IC-F31, IC-F33, IC-F34, IC-F70, IC-F3001,..
VHF Antenna For ICOM Marine Radios
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Product Code: FASC-58v
Compatible for Icom Radio Models:Frequency: 136-174 MHz (VHF )IC-F1000 IC-F1000S IC-F1000TIC-M23 IC-M24 IC-M33 IC-M34 IC-M35 IC-M36 IC-M85E IC-M25Gain: 1.8 dBiHeight: 165mm ..
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