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Speaker Microphones

Brand: GMEProduct Code: MC007
Speaker Microphone Compatible with GME TX665, TX675, TX685, and TX6155. Backwards compatible with GME TX655, TX670, TX680, TX6100, and TX6150. ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: MC008B
MC008B - Heavy duty speaker microphone TX6500S Heavy duty speaker microphone to suit TX6500S (GME 8-pin inteface connector).   ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: MC009B
MC009B -Waterproof speaker microphone TX6500S IP67 rated (dust and water proof) speaker microphone to suit TX6500S (GME 8-pin interface connector). ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: MC010 GME
GME MC010 WATERPROOF SPEAKER MICROPHONE FOR TX685 / TX6150 / TX6155 RADIO MC010 waterproof speaker microphone suits TX6155 TX685 TX 6150 The MC010 is an IP67 rugged waterproof and dustproof speaker microphone with a PTT with a life cycle of over 200,000 and improved gain sensiti..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: MC011 GME
Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: HM158LA
Icom HM158LA is a compact remote speaker microphone which features kevlar construction and rubber curly cord. Suits the popular Icom IC 41w UHF CB handheld. Suits Icom Models: IC-41W IC-41s IC-41PRO IC-F3023 / 4023  ..
Brand: UnidenProduct Code: SM065
Speaker microphone to suits models Uniden UH710sx, UH720sx Uniden UH043, UH047, UH047sx, UH049sx UNiden UH060sx, UH064sx, UH065sx Uniden GPS205 ..
Brand: UnidenProduct Code: SM078
Uniden Speaker Microphone Suits the Uniden UH750, UH075, UH073, UH076, UH078 & Atlantis Marine. ..
Brand: UnidenProduct Code: SM950
Speaker Microphone to suit the Uniden UH950s  UHF CB handheld radio. ..
Brand: UnidenProduct Code: SM800 Uniden
Uniden Speaker Microphone Suits Uniden UH810 UH820 UH835 UH850  Speaker Microphone ..
Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: HM159LA
Heavy Duty Speaker microphone with noise cancelling feature. Suits Icom IC41PRO IC41S IC41W UHF CB Also suits commercial models IC-F3033s & IC-F4033s   ..
Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: HM168
Icom Waterproof (IP67) Handheld Speaker Mic for IC-41 Pro UHF Handheld Transceiver The HM-168LWP is a waterproof and dust-tight (IP67) speaker microphone for use with the IC-41 Series UHF CB Handheld Transceiver. SPECIFICATIONS: Suits: IC41PRO UHF CB Type: Waterproof  Wate..
Brand: VertexProduct Code: MH-450s
MH-450S - Small Speaker Microphone for VX426 / VX456 and other Vertex Standard 1 Pin Models (VX-231, VX-351 etc) Vertex Standard Small Speaker Microphone for VX426 / VX456 (MH-450S) Small Speaker Microphone Suits Vertex Standard Single Pin Models: VX-426, VX-456, VX-231, VX-351 etc ..
Brand: VertexProduct Code: MH-45B4B
Vertex MH-45B4B HD Noise Cancelling Speaker Microphone Speaker Microphone, Heavy Duty Public Safety Style w/Volume Switch, Noise Cancelling Microphone Suits UHF CB Models: VX-426 & VX456 Also suits Vertex Models: VX451, VX454, VX459, EVX531, EVX534, EVX539,  VX160, VX180, VX210 ..
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