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Icom Scanners

Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: IC-R6
IC-R6 MINIATURE WIDEBAND COMMUNICATIONS RECE AM FM &WFM RECEIVER: LISTEN TO IT ALL! THE 100 CH/SEC WIDEBAND SIGNAL “SEARCH MACHINE” Full frequency coverage (0.100 MHz to 1309.995 MHz) High Speed Scan (100 Ch per Second) FM WFM AM Receive Modes Internal bar-antenna (For superior AM..
Brand: Mobile OneProduct Code: ANT871 SCATX
  25MHz - 1300MHz Broadband Heavy Duty Fibreglass Omni whip only 35MHz to 55MHz = 2dB 70MHz to 80MHz = 2dB 118MHz To 136MHz = 2dB 460MHz to 480MHz = 4.5dB Collinear VHF & HF Helical Double 5/8th Wave. Heavy Duty whip Pre-Tuned 5dB. Made in Australia for Australia 1000mm plus ..
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