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Icom Scanners

Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: IC-R30
Digital and analogue wideband communications receiver with dualwatch and dualband recording functions. Decodes Digital Protocols 0.1–3304.999 MHz Wideband Coverage Dualwatch Operation Dual Band Recording Function 2.3’ Large LCD and Intuitive User Interface High Speed Scan − 200 Chann..
Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: IC-R6
IC-R6 MINIATURE WIDEBAND COMMUNICATIONS RECE AM FM &WFM RECEIVER: LISTEN TO IT ALL! THE 100 CH/SEC WIDEBAND SIGNAL “SEARCH MACHINE” Full frequency coverage (0.100 MHz to 1309.995 MHz) High Speed Scan (100 Ch per Second) FM WFM AM Receive Modes Internal bar-antenna (For superior AM..
Brand: Mobile OneProduct Code: ANT871 SCATX
  25MHz - 1300MHz Broadband Heavy Duty Fibreglass Omni whip. 35MHz to 55MHz = 2dB 70MHz to 80MHz = 2dB 118MHz To 136MHz = 2dB 460MHz to 480MHz = 4.5dB Collinear VHF & HF Helical Double 5/8th Wave. Heavy Duty whip Pre-Tuned 5dB. Made in Australia for Australia 1000mm plus Base..
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