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Wireless Modem Antennas

Brand: RFIProduct Code: COL7195
The evolution continues with the release of the RFI COL7195 4G LTE cellular mobile antenna. In response to the lightning fast roll-out of Telstra 4GX and Optus 4G+ services nation wide, Telco approached RFI to design a vehicle mounted antenna capable of operating on the new 700MHz LTE network. Part ..
Brand: RFIProduct Code: RFI LTE-XPOL-001
It is ideal for those seeking increased signal and hence faster, more reliable data speeds on today's modern 4G networks. It incorporates two separately fed ultra-wideband elements in a single housing which provides full MIMO diversity for the networks of today and tomorrow. The weatherproof hous..
Brand: OtherProduct Code: CF-ANTDOME-SLIM
The Blackhawk Slim Ceiling Dome is the ideal solution for a clean, ascetic appearance without sacrificing performance. Being wideband it supports all Australian carriers and network frequencies making it a top contender for those requiring maximum coverage with minimal proöle. Perfect for repeater a..
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