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Brand: UnidenProduct Code: BP38
BP-38 Battery Pack suit Uniden Models: UH039, UH041, UH043sx, UH047sx, UH060, UH064sx ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: BP003
GME BP003 1500 mAh Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack. Note this model BP003 battery replaced the disconitued BP001. To suit models: TX6200 TX7200 ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: BP005
GME BP005 (TBP-1107LBA) 1000mA Li-ion Battery Pack Suits GME Models: TX630, TX680 & GX620     ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: BP017
GME BP017 TX6500s Replacement 2000mAh Lithiun-Ion polymer battery pack Suits GME TX6500S (7.4V DC). ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: BP024
GME BP024 TX6150 TX6155 TX685 GENUINE UHF RADIO SPARE BATTERY Suits GME Models:  TX6150 TX6155 & TX685 ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: BP026
GME BP026 Battery Pack  2600 mAh Li-Ion battery pack Suits GME TX6160 UHF CB HANDHELD ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: BP026Y
GME BP026Y Yellow Battery Pack  2600 mAh Li-Ion battery pack Suits GME TX6160Y UHF CB HANDHELD ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: BP1700
GME BP1700mA Li-ion Battery Pack Suit models GME UHF CB Handheld TX680, TX6100     ..
Brand: GenericProduct Code: RBW37 / BP196
RBW37 / BP196 Battery Suits Icom IC-40 UHF CB Handheld Volts9.6V Type NiMH Power1650mAh SuitIC-IC40, IC-F4, IC-F4S ..
Brand: PCAProduct Code: RBW131
Code RBW131 Volts 7.2V Type LiIon Power 2150mAh Manufacturer Mi Size 53x21x92mm Original Part No BP232 This aftermarket battery suits: Icom IC-41s, IC41w, IC-F14, IC-F24, ..
Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: BP232WP
BP-232WP Li-Ion 7.4v / 2250Mah battery This genuine battery suits: Icom IC-F14, IC-F24, IC-F33GS, IC-F33GT, IC-F43GS, IC-F43GT, IC-F43TR, IC41s IC41W ..
Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: BP280
BP-280 2400mAh battery, suits IC-41PRO UHF CB. This genuine battery suits: Icom IC-41PRO ..
Brand: MotorolaProduct Code: PMNN4476A
PMNN4476A Motorola cp476 - standard battery Li-Ion 1750 mAh battery 11 hours without having to be recharged   ..
Brand: UnidenProduct Code: BP079
    Genuine Uniden BP079 Battery With upgraded 1160MAh capacity. Replaces discontinued BP078 & BP075 battery models. Higher Capacity! Suits Models: Uniden uh073sx / UH074 / uh075 / uh076sx / uh078sx / uh078sx & NB models / UH750 / Voyager Specifications: ..
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