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Motorola HKN4192B 6M 12V Power Cable For XTL, DM & GM Mobile Radios
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Brand: MotorolaProduct Code: HKN4192
Compatible for modelGM3188 GM3688 GM1280 GM140 GM160 GM300 GM338 GM340 GM360 GM380 GM398 GM640 GM660MCX760 MCX780 M10 M120 M130 M208 M1225LS M216 M1225 MaxtracCM140 CM160 CM200 CM300 CM340 CM360CDM750 CDM1250 CDM1550 CDM1550LS CDM1550LS+PM400 PRO3100 PRO5100 PRO7100 SM50 SM120 EM..
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