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Icom IC-41PRO with CRS Motorcycle Helmet Kit

Icom IC-41PRO with CRS Motorcycle Helmet Kit
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Icom IC-41PRO with CRS Motorcycle Helmet Kit

Icom IC41PRO Radio + CRS Motorcycle Helmet Kit ( Radio Body Mount )

These headsets are only available with a standard 2-pin Icom connection without locking screws for the IC-41S/41W/41Pro.


Integrates to Full Face & Open Face Helmets.

The dual speaker Helmet Kit comes with a flexible boom microphone and easy-to-operate PTT assembly.  The strong boom microphone ensures excellent audio quality and intelligibility, while the PTT assembly can be used as a finger-mounted switch or secured to the handlebars of a motorbike. 

Velcro is provided for helmet mounting, and the dual speakers are secured in cloth housings.

Suitable for all helmet applications.


Integrates to Full Face & Open Face Helmets.
Push Pull plug/Socket interface for Helmet.
Dual Speakers.
Strong boom mic clamp
Weather-proof boom microphone and remote.
Loud and robust speaker.

Applicable for patrolling officer and motorcycle, motorbike, snowmobile, etc.


Icom IC41PRO Waterproof 80CH UHF CB Handheld

The IC41PRO UHF CB is a highly popular, lightweight, commercial grade,water dustproof UHFCB radio. The IC41PRO delivers outstanding performance in demanding outdoor environments where access to the 80 CB UHF channels and a waterproof (IP67) radio is required.

The IC41PRO has 128 channel capability preprogrammed with the narrowband 80 UHF CB channels plus 16 CB repeater channels fitted. 

Other smart features on the Icom IC-41PRO include Smart Ring and Automatic Transponder which acknowledges when other Icom CB transceivers receiving your call or are within range. A unique Pocket beep function that audibly alerts when you receive signals from specified stations. Repeater lock-out function and a 3 level LCD backlight setting. The IC41PRO also has a battery Power save function, Radio stun, Low battery indicator and alert tone, auto power off as well as monitor, time-out timer, keypad lock and adjustable squelch level.  

  • 80 Channel UHF CB (*)
  • Waterproof and dustproof (IP67)
  • 5 year warranty on radio
  • 18hr typ. operating time with BP280
  • Simple operation
  • New rotary Channel Selector/Squelch control
  • Voice announcement of channel number
  • VOX capability with optional headset options
  • Scrambler capability built in (**)
  • Receive only Channels (**) – up to 35
  • Unique repeater scan plus open, group and priority scan
  • In-range indicator (ATS)
  • Output power 5 Watts (low power 1 Watt)
  • Built-in CTCSS/DCS (providing silent stand-by)
  • Selective Calling (SELCALL)
  • Duplex operation, providing repeater access
  • Compact and rugged construction (based on a commercial product)
  • Private Channels from 450-480 mHz available for commercial users (dealer programmable),
  • CS-41PRO User software available for customisation of operation (requires OPC-478UC cable)

*80 Channel UHF CB, 61-63 not present, reserved for future use

What's in the box
- Icom IC41PRO Professional Grade Radio
- Lithium-Ion Waterproof battery pack (Icom BP-280) 
- Rapid battery charger 
- Belt Clip 
- Now includes flexible antenna - model FASC72U
- 5 Year Icom Australia Nationwide Warranty (Radio)


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