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Midland PRO911 12/24V Compact UHF CB Radio

Midland PRO911 12/24V Compact UHF CB Radio
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Midland PRO911 12/24V Compact UHF CB Radio



The Midland PRO911 is a robust and portable radio specifically designed for use in commercial installations. Its durable construction coupled with essential features required in this industry, such as 12/24V compatibility and a dust/waterproof Active Noise Cancelling microphone for enhanced voice transmission, make it an ideal choice.



• Output Power: 5 Watts (@13.8V)
• CB Channels: RX 99 / TX 80
• CB Frequency Range: 476.425 ~ 477.4125MHz
• Channel Width: 12.5kHz (narrowband)
• Power Source: 11.2 – 30V DC
• Microphone: MXTA37 with RJ45 Connection
• Active Noise Cancelling MIC: Yes
• Microphone Dust/Water IP Rating: IP66
• Microphone Holders: Magnetic + Standard
• Base Speaker Power: 3W Max @1KHz
• Digital Coded Squelch (DCS): 104
• Interference Eliminator CTCSS: 50
• Dealer Programmable Receive CH: 19 (requires programming lead)
• Priority CH: Yes
• USB-C Charging Port: Yes
• Duplex Capability: Yes
• Channel Memory Scan: Yes
• LCD Display: Segment
• Adjustable Display Colour: 7 Selectable Colours
• Backlit LCD: Yes
• Slide-In Mounting Cradle: Yes
• External Speaker Jack: Yes
• TX/RX Indicator: Yes
• Key Beep On/Off: Yes
• Maximum Range: 18km Line of Sight
• Max TX Current: 1.3A

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