1 Wire Acoustic Airtube Headset with Inline PTT/Microphone suit Icom

Brand: CRS
Product Code: CRS-1LAT
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1 Wire Short Acoustic Airtube Earpiece with Inline PTT/Microphone CRS-1WSAT

The single wire short acoustic airtube earpiece has been designed to be discrete, lightweight and comfortable.  The covert design of the speaker transducer gives exceptional audio quality.  The heavy duty PTT design coupled with the sensitive Electret condenser microphone makes this a perfect product for noisy environments.  The threaded airtube can be removed easily to enable JUST THE ACOUSTIC AIRTUBE to be made personal issue for staff - GREAT SAVING.

Suitable for all industry types but a particular favourite with security, police, night clubs, hotel personnel, event co-ordinators ......


NOW FEATURING A REPLACEABLE EARPIECE. A hygenic cost saving solution for staff sharing radios and accessories. The earpiece can be replaced or interchanged with the following earpieces: Earbud, Earhook, Earhook Large, DHook, GHook, Short Airtube, Long Airtube, Long Dual Airtube, Long Moulded Airtube or Mini Speaker. 

Surgical grade acoustic tube; discrete and comfortable.

Greater flexibility and savings as you can make the acoustic airtube personal issue to staff and leave the harness always attached to the radio.

Super flexible PU cable reinforced with Kevlar for maximum durability.

Positive action PTT for reliable transmissions.

1 year warranty

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