GME TX3120S 80 Channel UHF CB Radio

Brand: GME Electrophone
Product Code: TX3120S
$349.80 $258.50

A sleek new design, with our powerful DSP engine

Synonymous with quality and reliability, the GME TX3120S is one of the most advanced 5 Watt UHF CB radios of its kind. Equipped with GMEs newest digital scanning technology - ScanSuite™ and an impressive feature list that includes Digital Signal Processing, Advanced Signal Management and Dynamic Volume Control. With CTCSS and DCS this radio ensures more privacy and less interruption.

This 5 watt robust radio is engineered to maximise features in limited space.

This new super compact radio has separate rotary user controls for volume and channel change, the widest LCD screen available on any super compact sized UHF and a new dynamic speaker microphone. These new and unique features improve useability and audio quality for a better UHF experience.

The radio also includes ScanSuite™ - a unique scanning technology enabling uninterrupted conversations even on congested channels;

TurboScan – Scans 80 channels in under 2 seconds

Network Scan – Dynamic intelligent channel selection for uninterrupted  conversation

AutoSkip – Skips nuisance channels

The impressive feature list also includes Digital Signal Processing, Advanced Signal Management and Dynamic Volume control – GME innovations to ensure more consistent, reliable communications.

The radio includes CTCSS, DCS and Voice Inversion Scrambler for greater privacy and less interruption.

Power 5 watt
Transmit and receive 477MHz (UHF CB)
Selectable duplex
80 channels - 77 including telemetry (receive only) - 3 reserved for future use.
Scanning and memory
Open/Group and Network Scan
Memory channel quick select
Selectable priority channel
Active channel transmit in scan
Privacy CTCSS
DCS and Voice Inversion Scrambler
User controls and interface Rotary volume and channel controls
Speaker microphone with push- to-talk, channel up/down, priority and scan buttons
Large LCD screen> Mounting bracket

Whats in the box?
 Speaker microphone
 Microphone clip
 DC lead
 Screw pack and adaptor
 Welcome pack
 TX3120s Radio

Compliant Specification:    AS/NZS 4365:2011 Frequency Range MHz:    476.425 – 477.4125
Number of Channels:    80 UHF CB
Channel Spacing:    12.5 kHz
Operation Mode:    Simplex channels 1-80
Semi duplex channels 1–8, 41–48.
Scanning Speed:    40 channels per second
Antenna Impedance:    50 Ohms nominal Operating Voltage Range:    10-15 volts DC Nominal Battery Voltage:    13.8 volts DC
Over Voltage Protection:    25 volts DC max
At 18 volts DC the RF power is reduced,and the words ‘Hi DC’ flash.
Over Current Protection:    In-line 2A Fuse Reverse Polarity Protection:    Shunt Diode

RF Output:    5.0 watts max
Modulation:    FM
Maximum Deviation:    < ± 2.5 kHz at + 20 dB limiting
Spurious Emissions:    < -70 dBc
Transmit Frequency Response:    +6 dB per octave 300 Hz to 3 kHz
+1-3 dB
Audio Signal to Noise:    > 45 dB
Current Consumption:    1.5 amps with 50 Ohms termination
Frequency Stability:    ±2.5 PPM


Circuit Type:    Double Conversion Superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequencies:    1st – 38.85 MHz
2nd – 450 kHz
Current Consumption:    < 180 mA muted
600 mA @ max. A.F output
Sensitivity:    123 dBm for 12 dB SINAD unweighted
Selectivity:    -6 dB at + 3.5 kHz
-60 dB at ± 12.5 kHz
Intermodulation Immunity:    73 dB
Blocking Immunity:    100 dB Spurious Response Immunity:    70 dB
Audio Power:    3 watts average into 4 Ohms
Audio Signal to Noise:    > 45 dB
Receive Frequency Response:    -6 dB/Octave de-emphasis 300 Hz
to 3 kHz + 1-3 dB Conducted Spurious Emission:    < -57 dBm


Dimensions:    102 (W) x 97 (D) x 23 (H) mm
Weight:    178 grams

5 Year Australian GME Warranty

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