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Mobile One ScanDucky Antenna

Mobile One ScanDucky Antenna
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Mobile One ScanDucky Antenna
  • Brand: Mobile One
  • Product Code: ANT872
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  • SKU: ANT872

Mobile One ScanDucky Antenna with BNC Connection

A long hand held scanner antenna for receiving ia broadband range of scanner frequencies such as Airband, Fire & Police etc

The Scanducky antenna is a replacement antenna and is not guarenteed to work better than the antenna supplied with your scanner, however, the Scanducky is designed for specific frequencies where the antenna supplied with your scanner may only be a random coil not resonate at any particular frequency.

Length 350mm
Weight 50gms
Frequency 25 - 1300 Mhz - Maximum performance 73MHz, 120MHz & 468MHz
Impedance 50 Ohms
Termination BNC Male suitable for most Uniden handheld Scanners


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