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RFI COL5000 5dBi Base Station UHF CB Antenna

RFI COL5000 5dBi Base Station UHF CB Antenna
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RFI COL5000 5dBi Base Station UHF CB Antenna
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The RFI COL5000 UHF CB Base Station Antenns

These high gain base station antennas cover the UHF CB 477MHz band and are ideal for extending radio coverage of your 40 or 80 channel UHF CB radio.
Both these antennas are designed around RFI’s leading patented Meander™ PCB technology incorporating excellent gain, pattern stability, and light weight construction, making these antennas a perfect fit for any base station installation.

The COL5000-N comes pre-fitted with 10 metres of low loss 9006 cable terminated with an FME connector, UHF adaptor and 2 stainless steel hose clamps for quick & easy installation.

Frequency  UHF CB Band (475-478)
Nominal Gain dBd (dBi)  3 (5)
Tuned Bandwidth MHz  Full band
VSWR (Return Loss)  <1.5:1 (14dB)
Nominal Impedance  50
Vertical Beamwidth  38
Horizontal Beamwidth  Omni
Input Power W  25
Construction  Parallel black radome, stainless steel mount tube with cable tail
Length mm  1000
Radome Diameter mm  16
Weight kg  0.82
Termination  10m of 9006 low loss cable with an FME connector and UHF adaptor
Mounting Area  220
Projected Area cm2 (No ice)  186
Projected Area cm2 (With ice)  420
Torque @160km/h Nm  20

12 Month Warranty

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