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Speaker Microphones

Brand: GMEProduct Code: MC007B
Speaker Microphone The MC007 is a compact speaker microphone that suits the GME handheld radios TX665, TX667, TX675, TX677, TX685, TX6150 and TX6155 ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: MC008B
MC008B - Heavy duty speaker microphone TX6500S Heavy duty speaker microphone to suit TX6500S (GME 8-pin inteface connector).   ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: MC009B
MC009B -Waterproof speaker microphone TX6500S IP67 rated (dust and water proof) speaker microphone to suit TX6500S (GME 8-pin interface connector). ..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: MC010 GME
GME MC010 WATERPROOF SPEAKER MICROPHONE FOR TX685 / TX6150 / TX6155 RADIO MC010 waterproof speaker microphone suits TX6155 TX685 TX 6150 The MC010 is an IP67 rugged waterproof and dustproof speaker microphone with a PTT with a life cycle of over 200,000 and improved gain sensiti..
Brand: GMEProduct Code: MC011 GME
Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: HM158LA
Icom HM158LA is a compact remote speaker microphone which features kevlar construction and rubber curly cord. Suits the popular Icom IC 41w UHF CB handheld. Suits Icom Models: IC-41W IC-41s IC-41PRO IC-F3023 / 4023  ..
Brand: CRSProduct Code: HDSMCOM GME
CRS Speaker Microphone suit Uniden handheld models  Uniden UH835S Uniden UH850S Uniden UH950S Heavy Duty Compact Remote Speaker Microphone with 3.5mm audio jack The heavy duty compact speaker microphone comes standard with a 3.5mm audio jack and has a 360 degree s..
Brand: UnidenProduct Code: SM065
Speaker microphone to suits models Uniden UH710sx, UH720sx Uniden UH043, UH047, UH047sx, UH049sx UNiden UH060sx, UH064sx, UH065sx Uniden GPS205 ..
Brand: UnidenProduct Code: SM750 / 078
Uniden SM750 Speaker Microphone STANDARD MICROPHONE SUITS UH074/076/078/750/MHS245 SERIES – 1-Pin (16mm Long Straight 2.5mm Stereo) ..
Brand: UnidenProduct Code: SM800 Uniden
Uniden SM800 Speaker Microphone Speaker Microphone to suit the models UH810S / UH820S / UH835S / UH850S and UH950S UHF Handheld Radios ..
Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: HM159LA
Heavy Duty Speaker microphone with noise cancelling feature. Suits Icom IC41PRO IC41S IC41W UHF CB Also suits commercial models IC-F3033s & IC-F4033s   ..
Brand: Icom AustraliaProduct Code: HM168LWP
Icom Waterproof (IP67) Handheld Speaker Mic for IC-41 Pro UHF Handheld Transceiver The HM-168LWP is a waterproof and dust-tight (IP67) speaker microphone for use with the IC-41 Series UHF CB Handheld Transceiver. SPECIFICATIONS: Suits: IC41PRO UHF CB Type: Waterproof  Wate..
Brand: VertexProduct Code: MH-450s
MH-450S - Small Speaker Microphone for VX426 / VX456 and other Vertex Standard 1 Pin Models (VX-231, VX-351 etc) Vertex Standard Small Speaker Microphone for VX426 / VX456 (MH-450S) Small Speaker Microphone Suits Vertex Standard Single Pin Models: VX-426, VX-456, VX-231, VX-351 etc ..
Brand: VertexProduct Code: MH-45B4B
Vertex MH-45B4B HD Noise Cancelling Speaker Microphone Speaker Microphone, Heavy Duty Public Safety Style w/Volume Switch, Noise Cancelling Microphone Suits UHF CB Models: VX-426 & VX456 Also suits Vertex Models: VX451, VX454, VX459, EVX531, EVX534, EVX539,  VX160, VX180, VX210 ..
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