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Headsets (Heavy Duty)

Brand: CRSProduct Code: CRS HDHSHM
The dual earmuff noise cancelling headset to suit hard hard.   The boom microphone comes standard with an noise cancelling microphone for high noise environments  The headset is manufactured standard with the positive action earmuff PTT.  Suitable for all industry type..
Brand: CRSProduct Code: CRS-HDHS
Heavy Duty Noise Cancelling Dual Earmuff behind the head Headset with inline PTT The extreme noise canceling dual-muff headset is popular with the mining, motor racing industry, and other noisy industrial groups.  The ear cups have been manufactured with acoustic noise reduction mat..
Brand: CRSProduct Code: CRS-HDHSOH
The heavy duty, noise cancelling headset has been manufactured with a positive-action PTT switch on one of the earmuffs. The optional Inline PTT cable has an additional heavy duty positive-action PTT switch inline. The headset has been designed with strain relief, meaning that any pressure is pl..
Brand: CRSProduct Code: CRS-HDHSOHS
The lightweight headset has been designed to be comfortable and compliant for WHS.  The headset possesses an excellent anti noise capacity, flexible microphone and replaceable foam cover.  A robust in-line PTT with a 2.5mm jack. Suitable for all industry types but a parti..
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