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Aerpro UHF CB Antenna

AT870B  All Black UHF CB 6.5 dbi Antenna
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Product Code: AT870B
AT870B  All Black UHF CB 6.5 dbi AntennaIdeal for 4WD bullbar mounting. Ideally suited for road/highway and short-term off-road work The AT870 is a medium-duty fiberglass antenna with it's medium-duty barrel spring and braided whip. Suitable for all Uniden, GME, Icom, and Vertex UHF CB rad..
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Saber 6.5dBi Robust Elevated Feed UHF CB Antenna Kit
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Brand: SaberProduct Code: Saber 6.5dBi
Ideal for 4WD bullbar mounting. Idealy suited for road / highway and short term off road workThe new Australian Saber 6.5dBi UHF CB antenna is a high quality antenna. Supplied in all black and is a medium / heavy duty fibreglass antenna especially constructed to tackle the harsh Australian envir..
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Aerpro CBA2T1 4.5dBi 76cm Black UHF CB AntennaAerpro CBA2T1 4.5dBi 76cm Black UHF CB Antenna
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Brand: AerproProduct Code: CBA2T1
Aerpro CBA2T1 4.5dBi 76cm Black UHF CB AntennaAerpro's new CBA2T1 revised model for 2022 feature 100% Stainless steel spring and body construction which sees them able to handle all the harsh Australian conditions and comes pre tuned to a standard of a VSWR or 1:1.15 or better.  ..
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Aerpro CBA3F1 6dBi UHF Antenna with Elevated Feed and Spring Base
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Brand: AerproProduct Code: CBA3F1L
Aerpro CBA3F1L UHF antenna kit features a high-quality elevated feed and medium-duty spring base 6dBi flexible mast. With 5 meters of low-loss RG58 coaxial cable fitted and pre-wired with PL259 connector the CBA36F1 is ready to go straight from the pack.The CBA3F1 is suitable for use in..
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Aerpro CBA5T1 7.5dBi 76cm Black UHF CB Antenna Aerpro CBA5T1 7.5dBi 76cm Black UHF CB Antenna
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Brand: AerproProduct Code: CBA5T1
GENUINE AERPRO CBA5T1 7.5DBi GAIN ANTENNA WITH HEAVY DUTY BARREL SPRING BASE 106CMIdeal for Bullbar mounting the Aerpro CBA5T1 antenna kit has a fiberglass whip with high-quality elevated feed and electro-polished stainless steel barrel spring, 5m low loss coaxial cable.106cm long.  &n..
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Aerpro CBA6B Black 6dBi UHF CB Antenna
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Brand: AerproProduct Code: CBA6B
The Aerpro CBA6B UHF CB radio antenna is a heavy-duty 106.5cm length black antenna with a heavy duty spring base and cableThis antenna is built tough to withstand the harshest and roughest Australian environments. With a 6dBi gain, CBA6B is suitable for communication in flat terrain and hilly ar..
$199.00 $165.00
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