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FDP DMR800 5W UHF Digital Handheld Transceiver and CB

FDP DMR800 5W UHF Digital Handheld Transceiver and CB
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FDP DMR800 5W UHF Digital Handheld Transceiver and CB
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FDP DMR800 5W UHF Digital Handheld Transceiver with analogue

Sleek, compact and light-weight design, yet still MIL-SPEC tough.  Equally at home in the restaurant or on the construction site, the FDP DMR800 Handheld with analogue integration, allows transition between analogue & digital systems, including UHF CB.



Mode:  DMR (Digital Mobile Radio Standard) and Analogue.

TDMA Dual Slots – Tier II Digital

DMO Trunk (pseudo/virtual) and Time Slot Specific (DCDM) plus RMO 

Approved for LMRS use

Approved for CB use

Frequency Range:  400 – 480Mhz

800 Channels, 50 zones, 16CH per zone

Channel spacing: 12.5Khz

Battery Working Time (avg 5/5/90):  20hrs Digital mode     14hrs Analogue   @ 1:2 battery save (default)

Power Output: 5W/1W

Modulation: 4FSK –  7K60FXD   7K60FXE   16K0F3E  &  10K1F3E

Sensitivity: 5% BER<=0.25uV – digital     0.25uV (12 SINAD) – analogue

All Call, Group Call and Private Call or text messaging with individual radio ID’s

Allows mixed modes in the same zone

Programmable side button functions, including Channel Lock.

Multiple Battery Save Options

Encryption available in digital mode if required, for maximum security

Large Colour LCD Polycarbonate Screen (super tough and scratch resistant) for more information and easier use.  

Voice prompt

Vocoder:  AMBE+2

Full Length Aluminium Alloy Chassis

MIL-STD-810C/D/E/F:  Shock and Vibration

Weatherproof / rainproof / splashproof

Housing size:  108H x 57W x 32D mm

Primary sample code plugs setup available for 70CM DMR repeaters plus talk groups, and for CB radio (will not accept .CSV or .rdt files)

Best value Approved Digital Radio available in the Australian Market – compatible with other compliant DMR systems. 

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