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Uniden MHS127 Submersible Floating 5W VHF Marine Radio

Uniden MHS127 Submersible Floating 5W VHF Marine Radio
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Uniden MHS127 Submersible Floating 5W VHF Marine Radio
  • Brand: Uniden
  • Product Code: MHS127
  • SKU: MHS127

This well built Uniden MHS127, rugged handheld Marine radio is rated JIS8/IPX8 submersible and is packed with outstanding features including emergency strobe, all marine channels, dual/triple watch, glow-in-the-dark seals and power key, and adjustable transmit output power to maximize the battery life.

Finally, the MHS127 a marine handheld radio with a design that fits into your hand, with a large display that is clear and easy to operate. If you drop it in the water, it floats to the surface, and glow in the dark seals and power key allows you to find it easily.

No more difficult menu settings just to change between 3 levels of power, 1, 2.5 or 5 watts. Just set it one time at a 1 or 2.5 watts to maximize the battery life, and when you need the maximum transmit allowed, full 5 watts, just use the POWER BOOST key and you have instant full power.

The bright strobe can easily be turned on, flashing SOS, getting the attention of others when you are in need of help. The design is not only attractive, but achieves the highest level of water tightness, JIX8/IPX8 standard, allowing for complete submersion of 5 feet for over 30 minutes. Hear urgent NOAA warnings, marine broadcasts and have the ability to reliably transmit in the harshest weather conditions.

It also comes complete, with an AC adapter, DC charger, charging cradle, 11 hour rechargeable battery, an accessory battery tray, and a heavy duty swivel belt clip. A mic jack is available for an optional mic if desired.

Emergency Strobe Makes You Highly Visible

Feel safer on and in the water. The Uniden MHS127 marine radio features an emergency strobe light so you'll be highly visible to rescuers, and is submersible up to five feet. The glow-in-the-dark seal and keys means you'll be able to see in the darkest of conditions, and locate the radio if it's floating nearby.

  • Features

    • VHF Marine Radio - 5 watt
    • Submersible / Waterproof to JIS8*
    • Floating, Lightweight Design**
    • International Channels
    • Transmitter Boost Key
    • Flexible Whip Antenna
    • Large LCD Display with Backlit
    • SOS Strobe / Flashlight
    • Instant Channel
    • Dual and Triple Watch Operation
    • Emergency 16/67 Channel Monitoring
    • Weather Channel Key
    • Table-Top-Drop-In-Charger 
    • Digital Volume / Squelch 
    • Memory Scan Mode
  • Designed and Engineered in Japan 
  • Built Rugged for Australian and New Zealand Conditions
  • Additional Features
    • Operating Time: 12hrs
    • Engineered and designed in Japan specifically for the rugged Australian and New Zealand conditions, Uniden's MHS127 is durable enough to take anywhere and offers outstanding performance in all situations. With extended range and crystal clear sound, the MHS127 is the ultimate in marine communications.


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